Kim Yikyung at Sèvres 2015

Korea Mania, contemporary style

at Sèvres – City of Ceramics .

Korean Mania , a Korean season in Sèvres – City of ceramics continues with its contemporary aspect from 20 May 2015.

Indeed, Sèvrescelebratesin 2015 the Years crossed France-Korea , organizing two exhibitions; The one heritage with Roman of a traveler , the other contemporary through the presentation of the works of Yik-Yung Kim and Yeun-Kyung Kim .

This contemporary section focuses on the creativity of two Korean artists in the fields of ceramics and glass.

Yik-Yung KIM (born in 1935 in Chongjin and working in Seoul) is considered a major artist in her country, For making the link between cultural heritage and contemporary creation in porcelain and sandstone, in the Korean tradition of Buncheong (white slip on simple shapes decorated with traces of the brush and covered with a transparent and glossy enamel revealed by cooking).

Crystalloid; Kim Yikyung - Photographer Han Suk-hong
Crystalloid, Kim Yik Yung.

The glass creations of Yeun-Kyung KIM (born in 1970 in Seoul, currently responsible for the glass workshop at the ENSAD in Strasbourg) will be presented with her work of glass accumulation and compression. Glass windows of the 2000s, glass sculptures and a recent installation on tables of blown shapes reminiscent of black or transparent belly waxers.

Memory I - Kim Yeun Kyung - Christian Creutz
Memory I, Kim Yeun Kyung.

Photograph by Christian Creutz In parallel with this presentation, French artist Claire Roudenko-Bertin , currently in residence in the applied research laboratory, has invested in the Asian collections room of the Museum, with an installation linked to its quest for celadon and its fascination For Korean culture.

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